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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does a home inspector do?

    A home inspector evaluates the condition of a property, identifying potential issues for buyers or sellers.

  • Why is a roof inspection important?

    A roof inspection assesses the roof’s condition, identifying leaks, damage, or needed repairs crucial for property safety.

  • What is included in a WDI inspection?

    A WDI inspection checks for wood-destroying insects like termites, ensuring the property’s structural integrity.

  • What is a Level 3 inspection?

    A Level 3 inspection involves detailed examinations, ideal for comprehensive assessments of complex property issues.

  • Why get a home inspection warranty?

    A home inspection warranty provides assurance against unexpected repairs after purchasing a property.

  • How beneficial is an annual maintenance inspection?

    An annual maintenance inspection helps prevent costly repairs by identifying maintenance needs early.

  • Why is a real estate inspector essential for buyers?

    A real estate inspector ensures transparency, helping buyers make informed decisions about property purchases.

  • What does an HVAC inspection involve?

    An HVAC inspection checks heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems for efficiency and safety.

  • What is a Wood Destroying Insect Report (WDI)?

    A WDI report assesses and identifies wood-destroying insects like termites, essential for property safety.

  • What is a Phase 1 inspection?

    A Phase 1 inspection assesses property condition for commercial real estate transactions, ensuring due diligence.

  • What services are included in a buyer's inspection?

    A buyer’s inspection examines property components to inform buyers of potential issues before purchase.

  • What does a seller's inspection cover?

    A seller’s inspection identifies issues to address before listing, enhancing property marketability.

  • Why consider an 11-month warranty inspection?

    An 11-month warranty inspection ensures any issues are addressed before the warranty expires, protecting buyers.

  • How can I schedule a home inspection?

    You can schedule a home inspection by contacting us directly at (936) 933-0972 or by filling out our online contact form. We’ll promptly assist you with scheduling your inspection appointment.